Who are we ?

DL Software is the global specialist in business ERP

Our vision

Each business deserves its own ERP. It is on this conviction that the DL Software group was built in 2003. We believe that it is up to the technological players to adapt their solutions to the uses of their customers. Not the reverse!

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Our 3 pillars


Innovate to anticipate

Our reason to exist is to offer new solutions to our customers that meet the business uses of tomorrow, by relying on innovative and efficient technologies.


Design to last

Our know-how is illustrated by our ability to be part of the long term to offer our customers stable and reliable ERPs, like the companies that design, market and maintain them.


Invest to transform

Our ambition is to support our companies in the transformation of their model and in the promotion of their expertise, to ensure them the competitiveness and the growth that they and our customers deserve.

In millions of euros of turnover

+10% growth on average since the beginning of our story… And the story is accelerating!

Since its creation, the DL Software group has controlled its growth. This is based on 2 pillars: 1) Organic growth, based on a SaaS model (+60% of our turnover) 2) External growth, with the acquisition of leading business software publishers in their market

+ 20,000 SMEs, ETIs and large companies trust us on a daily basis


The DL Software group accelerates the growth of its own companies

What has made DL Software unique and successful since its creation is the ability of our teams of experts to design ERPs that perfectly meet the specific business requirements of our customers. To achieve this, the DL Software group is positioning itself as a true accelerator for pure-player companies, all leaders in their market.

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Our companies are our greatest pride

The DL Software group brings together innovative SMEs that are all benchmarks in their respective markets

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Our management committee

Jacques Ollivier, President

Jacques Olivier

President, DL Software

Elodie Warnod, CFO

Elodie Warnod

CFO, DL Software

Jérôme Zamy, CMSO

Jerome Zamy

CMSO, DL Software

Sylvie Lévénès, CHRO

Sylvie Lévénès

CHRO, DL Software

Aymeric Thas-Pinot, CTO

Aymeric Thas-Pinot

CTO, DL Software

Vincent de Saint Sernin, CEO Real Estate

Vincent de Saint-Sernin

CEO Real Estate

Guillaume Dewaël, CEO Retail & Distribution

Guillaume Dewael

CEO Retail & Distribution

Romain Léger, CEO Healthcare

Romain Leger

CEO Healthcare

Pascal Andries, CEO Construction

Pascal Andries

CEO Construction