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A unique approach 

We acquire and develop leading business software publishers in their market.


Our decentralized approach is based on 3 pillars:


Each company retains its autonomy, organization and agility. We rely on the team that made you successful and keep your brand, which reflects it


We are a long-term industrial shareholder and support your development with a long-term perspective. This financial and operational support is a guarantee of serenity for undertaking major projects with your customers and prospects.


Nos 23 éditeurs opèrent sur des marchés différents, mais partagent les mêmes enjeux de développement. Nous animons le partage d’expériences et d’expertises entre nos sociétés et mesurons chaque jour la force du collectif


The best of both worlds

DL Software combines the agility of autonomous SMEs and the support of a group that gives them the means to achieve their ambitions. We see our mission as that of an incubator for pure players who already have a solid backbone. The DL Software group acts as a growth accelerator by supporting them in the development of their business model and in the promotion of their business expertise.

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We capitalize on what has made our businesses successful

At DL Software, we are strongly attached to the history and stability of the companies that join us. All of them were successful before they joined our group. To provide them with seamless support and continue to help them progress, we systematically keep 100% of the assets of each SME we acquire!

Our companies are our greatest pride

Our acquisition criteria


We acquire benchmark business software publishers in their market. We particularly value business expertise, recurring revenues, large and captive customer bases and management teams who share our entrepreneurial values.

Profession addressed

Health centers, distribution of two-wheelers, materials trading... Today we address more than 30 varied professions and we are developing both in our current markets and in new professions.

Key figures

We favor organizations that are efficient and profitable, or with a short-term profitability horizon. Most of the companies that join us have an operating profit of between €500,000 and €5 million.

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