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Meeting the challenges of Cybersecurity in the Cloud

Healthcare professionals and their technology partners must fully protect their patients' healthcare data. This subject is particularly sensitive with the advent of modern architectures in the cloud, which promote the emergence of new uses such as telemedicine, and collaborative work in general.

Perfect knowledge of the regulations and their evolutions

While remaining perfectly compliant with the regulations, which are constantly changing, it is important to provide our integrator partners with an easy-to-understand solution, as well as the appropriate business support for full control of the invoicing process and the dematerialization of the associated documents.

Pyxistem: reference software for the remote transmission of care sheets.

Management software published by pyxistem, a company of the DL Software group, are perfectly adapted to the business uses of health professionals: e-health publishers, prescribing physicians, medical auxiliaries, medical analysis and anatho-cytho-pathology laboratories and suppliers/industrialists.

Management of patient and healthcare professional cards

NGAP, CCAM, NABM codification, invoicing, security


Payment return management

Accounting regulations and exports

Integrated update system

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    Software published by Pyxistem, a company of the DL Software group

    In 25 years, Pyxistem has become an essential publisher of solutions built around the SESAM-Vitale standard. The company lists more than a hundred customers among the publishers of business solutions in the health sector, and ensures the remote transmission of treatment sheets and invoices for more than 35,000 health professionals, every day, in France.

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