Our ERP: DeVance+ Tobacconist & Newsagent

Your challenges

Increase responsiveness to customers

Transiting customers expect prompt service. However, newspaper tobacconists are multiplying the references and types of products to remain profitable, which complicates collection. To run your business, you need fast, reliable and easy-to-use solutions.

Grow your business

You have to adapt to new economic constraints. Your offer is diversifying, consumption habits related to tobacco are changing (explosion of electronic cigarettes, decline in conventional smoking, etc.). Your activity requires centralization of all your stocks and orders in one place.

Our ERP: DeVance+, the benchmark cash register software for local tobacconists

The DeVance+ cash register software, edited by Devlyx, a company of the DL Software group, is perfectly adapted to the business uses of tobacconists and newsagentsDeVance+ is the only solution capable of simultaneously and efficiently managing the activities of a tobacco press combined with those of other commercial activities (example: food type supermarket).

Interconnected to the catalogs of tobacco manufacturers, press depots, bookstore orders, E-liquid manufacturers...

Suitable for the sale of complementary services.

Multiscreen, touch and mobile.

Operational in less than an hour, with support throughout the territory.

Up to 2h/day of time saved

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    Software published by Devlyx, a DL Software group company

    Devlyx has been publishing software for tobacconists for over 30 years. Devlyx is the independent leader in solutions for tobacconists, with more than 6,000 customers

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