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Our ERP: Desmos

Your challenges

Manage the evolution of legislation

The reforms have a major impact on dental and multi-purpose centres, in particular law 100 % health which involves a review of the services and prices charged. Health professionals must save time on operational management to ensure the follow-up of patient files.

Digitize the health journey

The rise of telemedicine requires accelerated digitization of the complete patient journey: appointment booking, easy access to medical information, teleconsultation, billing, etc. Real time is a major challenge for dental and multipurpose centers in order to gain peace of mind. and efficiency.

Our ERP: Desmos, the reference business software for health centers (multipurpose centers and dental centers)

The Desmos management software, edited by Juxta, a company of the DL Software group, is perfectly adapted to the business uses of health centers

Full SaaS solution

Sesam-Vitale remote transmission 1.40.13 Addendum 7 100% Web

FSV motor approved for all medical specialties

Real-time monitoring of medical records, with dental specialty integration

Online calendar synchronization

Simplification of administrative files

FSE/DRE invoicing and third-party payment management

Pricing support for 100 % Health

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    Software published by Juxta, a company of the DL Software group

    Specialized in the publishing of innovative software, Juxta has been exercising its computer know-how since 1991 in the creation of applications adapted to organizations in the medical and paramedical world. The development and growth of Juxta testify to the changes experienced by the professions addressed by Juxta and in particular that of the management of health centers and SESAM-Vitale teletransmission.

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