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Our ERP: DeVance+ GMS

Your challenges

Stand out from the big box

Customers are looking for both products necessary for their daily lives and value-added services. You need to simplify access to both, while better managing your purchasing channels and your receipts. Every time saved is used to build customer loyalty.

Have reliable management indicators

You offer products as well as services and expertise. In order to determine which are the most profitable for you, and the most useful for your customers, you need a detailed and analytical view of the different components of your turnover.

Our ERP: DeVance+, the benchmark business software for convenience stores

The DeVance+ cash register software, edited by Devlyx, a company of the DL Software group, is perfectly suited to the business uses of grocery store managers and convenience stores. DeVance+ is the only solution capable of simultaneously and efficiently managing the activities of a convenience store combined with those of another sales activity (example: tobacco-press).

Automatic integration of the article base provided by your suppliers

Loyalty thanks to a customer base and promotion management

Easier collection with perfect management of click and collect

Management of stocks, inventories, edition of labels

Up to 2h/day of time saved

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    Software published by Devlyx, a DL Software group company

    Devlyx publishes local solutions for new local businesses. With a unique experience of supermarkets, Devlyx massively simplifies the collection and management of your point of sale.

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