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Your challenges

Offer more added value

Business and property real estate is facing new customer expectations in tertiary spaces (flexibility, quality, etc.) with the ambition of capturing more value in high-potential segments. The challenge for real estate players is to ensure the complementarity of services to better meet user expectations.

Specialize Or Globalize Your Offer

Offices, business premises, shops, shopping centres… Asset and Property management cover various activities which have their own specificities. To no longer be subject to fluctuations in market demand, the objective is to reach the widest possible clientele by offering a global offer, with the necessary acquisition of skills and software resources to optimize the use of tertiary spaces.

Our ERP: Even, the reference business software for Property and asset management

The Even management software, edited by Egide IT, a company of the DL Software group, is perfectly adapted to the business uses of real estate professionals. 

Property management tool: Repository, rents, charges, budgets, accounting,

Asset management tool: Projection and simulation of asset profitability

Decision support tool: expertise and arbitration of managed assets

Reliable and relevant reporting: 360° view of the asset

Interoperability with existing IS software

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    Software published by Egide Informatique, a company of the DL Software group

    Egide informatics has been designing and distributing solutions for more than 30 years providing answers adapted to each professional in the real estate market Property managers, co-ownership trustees, asset managers, institutions, property companies.

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