Our ERP: IZYlinks Mutual

Your challenges

Finding balance in a changing market

With the 100 % health reform and constantly changing regulatory constraints, mutuals are facing increased costs and a need to change their offers and prices. The challenge is real to find a new balance to meet the constraints of a market undergoing profound change.

Take the digital turn

Like most sectors, mutuals are impacted by digitalisation. New pure players are offering innovative offers and experiences to strengthen their local customer relationships. To gain in competitiveness, mutuals must modify their organization and processes to differentiate themselves.

Our ERP: IZYlinks, the benchmark business software for mutuals

The IZYlinks management software, edited by CIM, a company of the DL Software group, is perfectly adapted to the business uses of mutual insurance companies

Manage the entire business chain - from purchase to delivery

Increase your sales with offer mapping, scoring and unified pricing tools

Improve your productivity with business process management and automation features

Build customer loyalty with dematerialization and data centralization applications

Innovate and anticipate tomorrow's transformations thanks to an agile and scalable information system

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    A software published by CIM, a company of the DL Software group

    In some 30 years of experience in its market, CIM has become much more than a publisher of health and welfare solutions. Thanks to its configurable and modular bricks from its IZY LINKS® range, CIM has established itself as one of the French leaders in the digital and industrial transformation of mutual insurance companies, brokers, insurance companies and provident institutions.

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