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On the internet, tourists no longer want to wait. You must be able to dynamically assemble flights, including additional services, all in just a few minutes. Your offers must be personalized and modifiable, while preserving your margin rate.

Manage both pre-sales and after

To differentiate yourself, you need tailor-made packaging for your customers. And this will only be possible by accessing updated information in real time, accessible from anywhere. Traveler satisfaction also depends on your responsiveness in the event of disputes, delays or changes.

Our ERP: I-resa, the reference business software for tour operators

The I-resa management software, edited by Flag Systems, a DL Software group company, is perfectly adapted to the business uses of tourism professionals.

Integration of all travel-related products into the database

Multi-criteria searches possible to identify trends

Workflows corresponding to all your purchasing processes.

Improved margins through promotion mechanisms and dynamic packages

Specific business features

Back-office for managing the entire scope of the traveler experience

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    Flag Systèmes designs, integrates and adapts CRS and PMS software solutions for accommodation providers, residence groups, works councils and hotel chains seeking to increase their direct sales, optimize the operation of their sites and offer quality of impeccable service.

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